Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We love I-pads!!

We have been using the i-pads as one of our learning centers, We are doing a great job with them! We first go in to notes and write a list of all of our fast words. Then we can also write a short story. We are getting very good at typing! Let your child try it on your home computer!

Cat in the Hat!

We read The Cat in the Hat with Justin Bieber!! Andrew and Etienne brought in enough books for everyone to read along with "The Biebs".

Green Day!

Celebrating Dr. Seuss this week!

Monday~ Wear green for Green Eggs and Ham
Tuesday~ Wear crazy socks for The Foot Book
Wednesday~ Wear wacky clothes for wacky Wednesday
Thursday~ Wear a crazy hat and/or tie for The Cat in the Hat
Friday~ No school due to teacher inservice

Solid Shapes

We have been learning about solid shapes. We went on a scavenger shape hunt in our classroom and we found lots of different sized solid shapes. Here are some we found at home!