Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread Houses!

Run, run,
 quick as a mouse.
To watch us make
a gingerbread house!!

We had a great time decorating our houses! It was exciting to see everyone's creative side come out!
A big thanks to all of the parents who sent in candy and icing! The kids really had a wonderful time with this fun project! It was a great way to wrap our gingerbread unit!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Week!

Monday~ We will be making gingerbread men using applesause!

Tuesday~ Today is our day to shop at the Little Shoppers Shop. Bring your money and a list of people for whom you are buying gifts.

Wednesday~ Craft~a~Palooza Day! Today we will be rotating to each of our kindergarten classrooms to do a different holiday activity. Please e-mail me if you are able to come and help us. We will start @ 10:30.

Thursday~  Wear blue today for the Smurfs!!
We will start to construct our gingerbread houses. If you have an extra can of white icing or still have some Halloween candy sitting around, please send it in!

Thursday Night~ Smurf Movie- donations of $1 per person to be donated to our Relay for Life team to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Friday~ We will decorate our gingerbread houses today!! It is not too late to bring in some candy for decorations!!

Cherry and White Day

We got spirit, yes we do! We got spirit, how about you?!

We are...Millionaires!

Amazing Acrobats!

On Thursday, we had the opportunity to watch some amazing Chinese Acrobats! We were very impressed with what they could do!!

We were REALLY impressed when they had our friend Alonzo come up twirl the rope. He reminded me of the Gingerbread Cowboy!! Great job Alonzo!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November Student of the Month

Congratulations to Danyse for earning Student of the Month for October. Danyse is a kind friend and always works hard to do her best work! Great Job Danyse!!

Fast words

We were "reading the room" and we found lots of words that we know "just like that" (add snaps)

to     go     on     day    we     I       will     be     am     for     my     went     she     in     the     like    with

It's cold outside!

Danyse and Mrs. Beiter want to remind you that it is cold outside! Please remember to bring your hats and gloves for recess. We are staying warm and looking cool!! :)

We love Cochran!!

Thank you Mr. Michaels for the awesome Cochran t-shirts!! We love them!! Don't we make a great team?!

November Lunch Bunch!

Congratulations to the following friends for reading their 5 books for November! They had a great time eating lunch in the classroom with Mrs. Beiter!

Congratulations to:

We are thankful!!

We are thankful for all of our wonderful parents who helped make our Thanksgiving feast a huge success!! Every one got PLENTY to eat and had a great time! We donated the extra cans of food to 3rd grade's Canned Food Drive. Thanks again for everyones generosity! 

We earned a Millionaire Buck!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

October Lunch Bunch with Mrs. Beiter

Look who read 5 books so that they could earn a pizza coupon and have the opportunity to eat lunch in the classroom with Mrs. Beiter (it's more exciting than it sounds!!).

Keep reading and we will do it again at the end of November!!

Second Place isn't so bad!!

Because we won second place for the walk ~a ~thon, we earned a movie party! We had our movie party last Wednesday with a little help from our CSA moms! We had lots of great movie snacks and enjoyed watching Gnomeo and Juliet.

October Field Trip!!

We had the best time when we went to the Community Arts Center to see Goodnight Moon!! It was a great play that really brought the story to life for us!!We were so impressed by the beautiful theatre! I was impressed by how well behaved and patient kindergarten students can be!!! :)

Millionaire Bucks!!

Look at some of the friends who earned Millionaire Bucks in October!

Yellow Day!

Our Cochran kids are great at raising money for those in need. We raised several hundred dollars during our "Popping for a Purpose". We showed our support by wearing yellow and buying popcorn!


We love going to ABC on Day 3! This week I will meet you at the gym on Thursday at 8:45 AM.

Mr. Michaels Loves Pie!!

Three of our friends names were drawn to throw a pie at Mr. Michaels. Looks like they have pretty good aim!! We raised a lot of money at our Walk/run-a-thon. Because we did, Mr. Michaels was a good sport about having pie thrown at him. We won second place for the amount of money our class raised.

Fire Safety

We learned about fire safety.

Monday, November 7, 2011


We learned about sequencing. We loved reading The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything!  We were able to put the parts of the story together in order. Ask your child to retell this story to you!

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

We read about pumpkins. We wrote about pumpkins. We even did some estimating with our pumpkin! We would like to thank Ella's family for donating our pumpkin to our class! The kids LOVED it!

Our pumpkin weighed 14 pounds and it was 13 cubes tall!

Now our pumpkin is in the "Kinder-Garden" and we are hoping the seeds we left inside will help a new pumpkin grow next year!!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We learned about setting and characters in our stories. As you are reading to your child at night, you can discuss with them who the characters are and where the story takes place.

Where did October go??!!

October was a very busy month in Kindergarten! We were so busy we haven't had time to post anything new on our blog! So here is a review of all of the fun and exciting activities I am sure that you have heard about!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Picture Day

There are the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, the 3 Little Pigs and now the 3 Little Wepeners! :)
Everybody had bigs smiles for picture day!!

Nutrition Magic Show

He even pulled a rabbit out of his hat!

The Nutrition Magic show was lots of fun! Several of our kindergarten friends got a chance to participate! We even got to see our P.E. teacher Mr. Foote be a part of the show!