Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walk-A-Thon Assembly

We had a great time at the walk-a-thon assembly last Friday. Check out what Mr. Michaels wore to help us  show our school spirit!!  If we raise at least $10 for our walk-a-thon, we might have a chance to help prepare Mr. Michaels for the pie throwing event! Samuel was doing such a great job listening that he was given a Millionaire football!  Way to go Samuel!! You make us proud!

Oral Stories

To get ourselves prepared for Writer's Workshop, we have started oral story telling. Each student will take a turn on the red chair while our "audience" listens intently. Each student will tell a story about something going on in their world. When they are finished, they ask their audience if there are any questions. We have  heard several great stories so far. Some stories were about pets who escaped, a visit to the pumpkin patch and the fun time had at the Mummer's Parade!  We have been such kind and respectful listeners!

We love center time!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Millionaire Buck Winner!

Our room is full of friends who are respectful and responsible role models! Desiree earned a Millionaire Buck because she was caught doing the right thing all  every where she went! Great Job Desiree! We can tell by your smile that you are Millionaire Proud!! :)

We love A.B.C. with Mr. V.!!!

Tuesday was our first day of A.B.C. with Mr. V. ! We had fun and worked hard at all of our stations. The fifth grade helpers did a great job teaching us how to do each station and how to rotate to the next one. We can't wait until the next Day 3 (Tuesday)  to do it again!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ABC starts this Tuesday!!

Our wonderful Kindergarten ABC program begins this Tuesday. We will meet at 8:45 in the school gymnasium. The program runs until 9:15 AM.  This program combines what we are learning in the classroom with physical activity. We rotate throughout the several fun stations with the help of our 5th grade helpers. Watch for more pictures to follow!!

Remember ... go directly to the gym on each Day 3!!

Fire Safety

Kindergarten had a visit from our friendly firemen! They showed us what they look like when they are wearing their full uniform and safety equipment so we will not be scared of them. We learned lots of safety tips. If anyone is in need of a smoke detector, our firemen will be glad to provide you with one.  They even brought a fire truck for us check out!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Our fairytale this week was Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We noticed that Goldilocks was not respectful, responsible or safe!  By the end of the week,  we were able to act out what Goldilocks SHOULD have done instead. Afterwards we celebrated with some delicious porridge. It was "just right!"

Another Millionaire Buck Winner!

Cael is the 2nd friend in our class to earn a Millionaire Buck!  Mrs. Lovell had it in her pocket all day! She noticed that Cael was a great role model for his friends all day long!  Not only did he get to pick from the prize basket, but his row won! So he and 9 other students in our school got the "grand prize"!!  Who will earn the buck next?  You never know who might have a Millionaire Buck in their pocket!

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Present

Be Safe

Words of the Week

we        on             Day

to          go              no

I             a               see

Please practice reading and writing these words with your child.

Kindergarten Specials


So far we have had 5 friends turn in their Book-It slips for a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut!  Each child should read 5 books (or be read to), then write the title of those 5 books and have a parent sign their paper. Not only will each child get a pizza coupon, but at the end of the month they will also get to have lunch in our classroom with Mrs. Beiter!!  :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A New Addition!

Congratulations to Mr. Michaels and his family on their new baby boy Cortland Andrew!

Pretzel Shapes!

We have been doing a lot of work with shapes. We even found a way to turn a quick snack into shapes! Squares, triangles and hexagons oh my!

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Last week we started our fairy tales unit.  Our first story was The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  By the end of the week we were ready to act it out ourselves!  It is always fun to watch their personalities come out when the students get into character!  Just ask your child to retell the story to you to see what we mean!!

Our First Millionaire Buck Winner!

Zachary was our first friend to get a Millionaire Buck! He helped take care of another friend out at recess. He was present, responsible, respectful and helped his friend be safe!  Congratulations Zachary!  :)

Just Be!!

We went to an assembly as a fun way to learn our school rules.

Be present
Be responsible
Be respectful
Be safe

Our friend Cael was picked out of the crowd to participate in a short skit to display our rules!  Great acting job Cael!


We work hard at workstations!  We are readers!