Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Millionaire Buck at Lunch!

Nina was being responsible at lunch. Mr Michaels gave her a Millionaire buck for her hard work! Way to go Nina!!

Mr. Michaels said...

Mr. Michaels said to wear your favorite sports team t-shirt on Friday. I will be wearing my Phillies t-shirt!

It is also a Walk-at-School day from 8:15-8:45 AM. I'm keeping my finger crossed that it doesn't rain so we can walk outside!

We checked out books!!

Friday was our first day to check out books! First, we listened to Mrs. Zerbe read us a story. Then we got to check out our special kindergarten shelf!

When we got back to our room, we took a few minutes to read quietly to a "friend"!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Congratulations Nah'eem!

Nah'eem is our latest friend to earn a Millionaire Buck! Mr. Michaels saw him making responsible choices and called him into his office. Nah'eem came out with a smile on his face and a Millionaire Buck in his hand! Great job Nah'eem!!!

Computer Lab

We had our first day of computer lab today! We worked on the website Starfall. You can work on Starfall at home by going to the website at . Have fun!

Alphabet pretzels

We have been working on our alphabet mats. We can read our mats by saying the name of the letter, the letter sound and the name of the picture. After we were done practicing today, we used letter pretzels to match the letters on the mat. Before we could eat them, we had to say the letter and/or the sound of that letter. We really enjoyed this activity!!

You can find these letter pretzels at Wegman's. This is a fun way to practice letter recognition at home or you can get some to send in for us to use at school!

More patterns

We found patterns on our shirts!!


We can make patterns with:
Unifix cubes
Linking chains
And shapes!!

We took turns rotating to each table. We are now pattern experts!
We can make ab patterns.
We can make abb patterns.
We can make abc patterns.

Monday, September 12, 2011


If you are a parent that is blogging with our class, please feel free to leave us a comment on our posts. Sometimes at the computer lab or at the end of a busy day, we will check out our blog. Your children are always excited to see the comments that their parents have left for us!

Thanks for following along with us!!  :)


Friday was our first day of Library. We go to Library on Day 3.  Please keep you child's book in his/her backpack. This will keep their book safe and will ensure that they have it when we need to return it to the library. If your child does not bring their book on library day, they will not be able to check out a new book. Not being able to check out a new book can be VERY devastating to a kindergartener!!!

This week we will go to Library on Friday and check out our first book of the year!

Amazing Block Creations


We can make patterns in kindergarten!
Can you make a pattern at home?

Fork spoon fork spoon fork spoon fork spoon

shoe sneaker sneaker shoe sneaker sneaker shoe sneaker sneaker

Look for clothes that have patterns on them!

Remembering September 11th

We gathered at the flag pole on Friday to pay tribute to those who serve and protect our country. We watched as our very own Mrs. Zerbe (our librarian) helped her son and grandsons lower our American flag. Mrs. Zerbe is so proud of both of her sons for all they have done in the military to serve our country.

We were very proud to watch Andrew and Etienne's brother Harrison help the other Boy Scouts fold up the flag and present it to Mrs. Zerbe's family.

We read some books about how our flag is a symbol for our country. We had a flag parade in our room and it led into Mrs. Rogers room too! We waved our flags proudly as we marched around the rooms!!

Check out more pictures on Mr. Michaels Blog on our Cochran home page.

We love the U.S.A.!!!

Cochran Cafe

You are welcome to come have lunch with us at our very own Cochran Cafe!  Please join your child any day of the week. Our class  is scheduled for lunch from 12:10~12:40. We are still learning the "ins and outs" of the cafeteria so be sure to bring your earplugs! Parents may not us their child's lunch card. They must pay for their lunch separately. We look forward to seeing you there!!  

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Rain, rain,

Go away!!!!

We wanted to go

To school today!!

Show your spirit!!

Show your patriotism on Friday by wearing red, white and blue or a flag shirt!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Congratulations to our First Millionaire Buck Winners!!

Congratulations to Danyse and Andrew for earning Millionaire Bucks!  Students can earn Millionaire Bucks by following our school rules of being Respectful, Responsible, Present and Safe.  Mr. Michaels gave Danyse a Millionaire Buck for being respectful at her lunch table.  Andrew was responsible by following Mrs. Beiter's directions throughout the entire day!

Great Job Danyse and Andrew!!

Keep watching to see who earns the next Millionaire Buck!  :)